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// Market

Affiliate marketing is a $10 bln online advertising industry, centralised by the power of affiliate networks. Networks unite businesses with traffic owners on a centralised platform, process all financial data on their servers and may act unfairly.

Despite of huge interest to crypto, there is still an enormous gap between existing success and mass adoption. Industry need new non-institutional and trading traffic, as most of the users and holders of bitcoin are people who proactivelly look to invest their gains and profit in Bitcoin Trading and professional affiliates from contiguous fiat verticals can fill this gap when they can see the benefits of blockchain and crypto for their business.

Affiliate networks can hide affiliate rewards from traffic owners on their platforms

Middle man commissions are intransparent and can reach 35 which decreases ads ROI

Affiliate industry lacks trust and cooperation due to shady conditions

Crypto needs more more traffic to gain mass adoption

// Product


AFFCHAIN introduces first blockchain-based affiliate protocol to eliminate the need of trust to potentially unfair middle-man and to help build partnership relations in the $10 b affiliate industry. All sides benefit from clear reward distribution.

P2P Marketplace

Businesses meet traffic owners directly on a decentralised marketplace. All parties are secured with smart contracting, which are designed to provide clear contract conditions and automated payment execution.

AFF token

Utility tokens are used as a) fuel for running Affchain protocol, and b) as a matter of guaranteed, fast and cost-effective affiliate reward distribution. Sustainable demand is secured by the need of businesses in new paying customers.

Blockchain as a fake-safe ledger

Smart-contracts to reduce cost for business

Cryptography to protect sensitive information

Aff tokens instant payouts to webmaster

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// Media

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// Roles and benefits

Traffic owner

More money from reduced network commissions and elimination of conversion shaving by middle-man.

Business owner

Transparent contracting with traffic owners means more sales from new paying customers.

Affiliate network

Networks benefit from outstanding reputation as a trusted fair partner.

// Team

Affchain is introduced by the core team of RunCPA — world #1 affiliate network for crypto economy. RunCPA is an innovative and profitable company established in late 2014. RunCPA was the first to bring instant payouts of affiliate rewards to the affiliate market. With our expertise in affiliate marketing, blockchain, software development and business development together with clear goals we are ready to take it to the next level.

Ivan Maslennikov

Founder and CEO

Sergey Bykov

Co-founder and CTO

Evgeniy Shulepin

Co-founder and lead developer

Ilya Glazunov

Project manager

Chris Butler

Community manager

// Road Show

July 11.-13. 2017
iGaming Supershow Amsterdam
Bitcoin: What you really need to know as an affiliate panel discussion

August 16-17. 2017
ICO Hypethon, St.Petersburg
AffChain ranked #2 out of 27 startups

September 7. 2017
Blockchain and bitcoin conference Stockholm
AffChain pitch to investors and crypto experts

September 20-21. 2017
BITKAN conference, Hong Kong

September 26. 2017
Blockchain Life, St.Petersburg
Meet us at the exhibition area

October 3-6. 2017
Blockchain Solutions Forum, Barcelona
Meet us at the exhibition area

October 30-31. 2017
Crypto Affiliate Conf, Prague

November 22-25 2017
Summit of iGaming, Malta

// Token Sale

What is AFF token

AFF token is a utility token for Affchain product ecosystem. AFF tokens are used as a matter of Affchain protocol performance, and every transaction on Affchain requires 1% network fee. AFF tokens are also used as a matter of secured and cost-effective value distribution between parties of a smart contract Amount of AFF tokens is fixed at 100 000 000 with no additional emission later. Tokens sustainably gain their value through growing number of transactions and protocol implementations. AFF token demand is only limited to the interest of businesses in new paying customers.



Maximum supply

100 000 000 AFF tokens
(One hundred million AFF tokens)

Exchange rate

1 000 AFF = 1.42 ETH

Token Pre-sale (pre-ICO)

// 2% tokens: 1000 AFF tokens = 0.71 ETH
(50% pre-sale discount)

Hard cap

$500 000

Token sale (ICO)

// 20% tokens: 1000 AFF tokens = 1 ETH
(30% discount)

// 20% tokens: 1000 AFF tokens = 1.21 ETH
(15% discount)

// 30% tokens: 1000 AFF tokens = 1.42 ETH
(0% discount)

Hard cap

$29 500 000

AFF Tokens Allocation Plan

Token Supply Allocation

72 000 000 Offered within Token Sale (ICO)

15 000 000 Team and advisors**

10 000 000 Long-term foundation security

3 000 000 Bounty campaign

** Will be locked for 180 days

Funds Distribution Plan


55.21% Affchain development

15.95% Marketing

12.27% Business development

8.59% Operational costs

4.91% Contingency

3.07% Legal support

// RoadMap

// February 2015 RunCPA.com first bitcoin affiliate network release

RunCPA introduced instant payouts of affiliate rewards // April 2016

// June 2017 Affchain was established by RunCPA team

AFF Token Pre-sale (pre-ICO) // October 2017

// November 2017 AFF Token Sale (ICO)

Affchain alpha release // February 2018

// April 2018 Affchain beta release

Affchain production release // June 2018